UNICORN HORN Hot Chocolate Bomb Mold or Breakable Chocolate Mold (Made in USA)

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This is a chocolate mold that forms a UNICORN HORN you can use for your hot cocoa bombs or fill with treats and gifts, and turn into a breakable surprise! It has a rough texture to give that glittered effect.

The set comes with 6 cavities (3 molds marked A and 3 molds marked B) to form 3 unicorn horns at the same time; mold A seams with mold B for correct connections of swirl.

Molded chocolate size seamed together is (+/-) 2.3” high and (+/-) 4.6” widest diameter (bottom).

Molds are made from .75mm clear PETG which is widely recognizes as food safe material. Correctly tempered (hardened) chocolate slides right off the mold for a no-struggle release to prevent breakage and keep the form of your sweet creation(s).

It is highly recommended to use chocolatier cotton gloves when handling chocolate to keep it from fingerprints and keep its glossy appearance.

CARE INSTRUCTION: The molds should only be hand washed and dry with soft clean cloth for keeping its quality and shape.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature and use of this product, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.