About Us

My name is Winnie, owner, designer, crafter & the biggest critique of Winay's Crafts ("WC"). WC was strongly established in 2018 with the launch of our cake pop molds / plungers that we originally designed for months prior release, of which functionality trended as one of the essentials in Cakepopping given the ease of its use.  Due to some circumstance, we took a well-deserved hiatus for self- and family-care.    
Now, we are confident to be back with our usual high-quality products. Although we first made name from our plungers, we also specialize in all types of handmade products; personalized shirts and pouches, shadow and floral boxes, customized accessories such as keychains, home decors, et al., and so much more! 
Please follow WC's journey as we add more items we know you'll surely enjoy!