Basic Shapes Set (Round, Popsicle Bar, Cube/Giftbox, Cylinder) - Cake Pop Mold / Plunger - Made in USA

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CAKEPOPPING MADE EASY! NOW with With Lollipop Stick, Paper Straw or Popsicle Stick Guide Options!

This is Winay’s Crafts cake pop plunger that shapes your cake dough into (Round, Popsicle Bar, Cube/Giftbox and Cylinder perfectly.

Molded cake pop will result in (-/+) 1.5 inches high at 1.2 oz (Round), (-/+)  2.0 inches high at 1.1 oz (Popsicle Bar), (-/+) 1.2 inches high at 0.9 oz (Cube/Giftbox) and (-/+)  1.3 inches high at 1.1 oz (Cylinder).

*Fill the mold with your prepared cake dough (baked cake, mashed with or without cake frosting) making sure your plunger handle is in place through the body's hole.  Scrape the top to the brim to even out OR by pressing down onto a surface to squeeze out the excess dough.
*WITH STICK GUIDE - Dip  the tip of lollipop stick, paper straw or popsicle stick in melted chocolate (approximately 1/4 - 1/2 inches) AND insert in the guide in your desired position.  Push the plunger up or down to pop - shaped cake pop on a stick you've got.
*WITHOUT STICK GUIDE - Push the plunger up or down to pop the molded cake and arrange the chocolate-dipped stick in your desired position. 
* Let stand for a minute or two to harden the chocolate inside a bit

*Dunk your cake pop as a whole in melted chocolate and lightly tap the stick facing straight down to shake off excess chocolate
*Sprinkle or pipe your desired decoration(s)
*Stick on a cake pop stand or Styrofoam to completely dry before serving